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I'm Gabriel.

Ready for a trip?

Join me on a river hike, scallop quest, or archaeological dig! As a UX designer and novelist, I travel the world to bring new spices to my work.


My time at Yale-NUS has taught me to build the life I want to live. And that means doing the things that excite me each morning — Roman architecture, figure skating, observing people, and writing 100 poems on food, because to do so would bring life to the kind of person I needed when I was younger. The greatest joy you can bring to the world is to be excited about what you do. That's who I aspire to be.


Spying or user research?

I came into user research from creative writing. As a novelist, I carry a notebook of observations ranging from the taste of the baguette I made at 3am with a village baker to the position of my college roommate's favorite crocodile each morning.

This translates to UX research, where I enjoy discovering the quirks of people from different cultures.

What I've been working on 

I'm working on a project about spoons because I don’t like spoons. I also don’t like palm oil, rapeseed oil, truffle oil, cilantro, greased noodles, white rice, white bread, red meat, dark meat, guinea fowl, lettuce leaves, snapper, monkfish, tilapia, skate, anchovies, yellow mozzarella, chèvre, corn syrup, pine tree honey, peanut butter, Violette liqueur, Hokkaido scallops, straw mushrooms, unblanched tomatoes, lumpy tzatziki, foam sauces, fake rainbow cake, lamingtons, nougat, buttercream, fondant, figs, and meringue.

What I'm curious about

The world. Lost art. Food. How a perfect dark chocolate gelato taste like. How to do a three revolution jump on ice. How to keep my hair up.

Contact me

Email me at:

Thanks! Message sent.

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